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New submission test environment to stop misleading data reaching Member States

The new test environment is available for companies submitting through the ECHA Submission portal and those using the system-to-system service.

Companies can now upload and submit notifications in the test environment as if they were in the official ECHA Submission portal. The full user experience allows different submission scenarios to be tested and full validation checks to be done for dossiers. Now with the test environment, companies can check how the portal works without appointed bodies and poison centres receiving misleading data.

The terms and conditions for using the ECHA Submission portal describe the commitment for the users to submit only true and accurate data. For poison centres, having access to correct and high-quality information is essential when providing advice to consumers or medical professional in an emergency situation.

Submissions in the test environment are securely handled with no interference from other users.

If you want to run a test submission using the system-to-system service, you should follow the instructions available in the system-to-system integration for industry document.