One million successful poison centre notifications now submitted

Companies have now successfully submitted more than 1 million notifications to the poison centres notification database. With a unique formula identifier in each notification, EU poison centres now have more accurate information to give immediate medical advice when someone is accidentally exposed to a hazardous mixture.  

Since 1 January 2021, importers and downstream users have to notify their mixtures in a harmonised format and unique formula identifiers (UFIs) must be included in the notifications and on mixture labels.

The UFI code creates a link between the product on the market and information about its ingredients and toxicity, which is sent to EU poison centres so they can rapidly identify products when every second counts.

Together with our partners, we are launching a campaign to increase consumer awareness about the UFI. Household and professional consumers buying and using products that contain chemicals that are harmful to our health, need to know about the UFI code as they may be asked for it in the event of an accidental exposure.

Tools and translated support material are available for companies submitting their UFI codes in poison centre notifications. The next compliance date is in January 2024 for companies to notify their mixtures for industrial use.


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