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Pilot project to assess new PCN format

The pilot project will assess the usability of the developed Poison Centres Notification (PCN) format for industry, appointed bodies and poison centres. The project will also make it possible for industry to generate notifications in .xml file format. Furthermore, appointed bodies and poison centres will be able to receive, extract and read the .xml files and highlight stakeholders’ support needs from the IT and business perspective.

The collection of comments and suggestions from companies, appointed bodies and poison centres will eventually lead to the identification of support needs for stakeholders and to the potential identification of adaptation needs for the PCN format according to recommendations.

The project will start in May 2018 with the preparation phase and in November a final workshop will be organized to validate the project’s conclusion, which is planned to be published in December.

Read about the format release on the ECHA main website: New format for notifying information on hazardous mixtures for poison centres.