IUCLID update brings improvements to poison centre notification format

25 October 2021

A new release of the IUCLID software includes an updated poison centre notification (PCN) format that allows companies to make group submissions for their mixtures. Other improvements for data preparation and submission are also available.

The latest version of the PCN format (version 4.0) is now included in IUCLID 6 Cloud. For IUCLID standalone, the updated PCN format will be available on 27 October.

New features include:

  • Possibility to indicate multicomponent products using a multicomponent product identifier.
  • Changes to standard formulas that can be used when compiling notifications for mixtures with unknown or varying compositions.
  • Additional update reasons, such as ‘cease product from the market’ and ‘change in mixture composition without requiring a new UFI’.
  • Changes to selection of categories following the European Product Categorisation System and addition of a new packaging type.

Companies can now also prepare and submit a group submission, in other words, a dossier containing information for several mixtures. To help companies prepare them, several new validation rules have been introduced. They are included in the updated list of validation rules on the ECHA poison centres website.

Additional improvements to the ECHA Submission portal are expected later this year. The next release will include the possibility for notifiers to ‘disable’ a submission in specific cases.

Support material, including the updated PCN practical guide, validation rules list and documentation on the PCN format, can be found on the poison centres website on 27 October.

If you need more help, check the poison centre presentations from our Safer Chemicals Conference, and join our IUCLID and poison centre webinars in November 2021.

Updated support and Guidance