Updated PCN format and improved IT tools support amended Annex VIII solutions

A new release of the IUCLID software includes an updated Poison Centre Notification format that support the solutions introduced by the European Commission’s second amendment of Annex VIII to CLP – in particular, derogations for fuels, construction products (standard formulas) and the cross-sector concept of interchangeable components. The second amendment has been adopted by the Commission and is expected to be published in November 2020.

Improvements have also been introduced for the latest version of IUCLID and IUCLID Cloud assisting the user to prepare a notification. New features include a navigable and editable table of contents making it easier to explore through the notification data. Additional update reasons have been included such as ‘expansion of market area’ and a new picklist has been added to include justifications when the pH is not available.

The ECHA Submission portal now displays new messages about the status of the notification in the Submission report, and several new validation rules have been included to support the new solutions provided in the legal text, as well as adaptations resulting from the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. 

Pre-prepared standard formula datasets will be made available for use for the construction products cement, gypsum binders, and ready mixed concrete from the poison centre website. An updated practical guide for notifiers is also available.

Join our relevant upcoming webinars targeted for PCN users on 4 November and another for all IUCLID users on 11 November to learn more!


Updated support and Guidance