Forum working groups

The Forum and the BPR Subgroup run several working groups year around. Below more information on each of the active working groups.

Forum Working Groups


Enforceability of Restrictions
Facilitates the enforceability of restrictions.
Prioritisation of REF projects
Reviews, prioritises and recommends the subject for the next harmonised enforcement project coordinated by the Forum (REACH-en-force projects).
Coordinated enforcement project REF-9
Conceive and manage the ninth major Forum enforcement project REF-9 on authorisation
Pilot on recovered substances
Conceive and manage the pilot project on recovered substances, with particular attention for the exemption from REACH registration obligation, according to REACH Art 2(7) d in the waste recycling sector
Coordinated enforcement project REF-10
Conceive, manage and evaluate the tenth major Forum enforcement project REF-10 ‘Integrated chemical control of products’
Pilot project on classification of mixtures
Conceive and manage the Pilot project on classification of mixtures including detergents and cleaning products
Member State reporting
Prepare the pilot for the Member States annual reports on enforcement as defined in Forum work programme 2019-2023 and comment on the templates of the reports prepared by the Commission.
Training for enforcement trainers 2022
Prepare and deliver the training for trainers on the enforcement of SDS in the fourth quarter of 2022.
Coordinated enforcement project REF-11
Conceive and manage the eleventh major Forum enforcement project REF-11 on SDS and checking the conformity with the requirements of the new Annex II of REACH.