Export Notifications

Export Notifications


PIC - Prior Informed Consent Regulation

Public details of export notifications made under the PIC Regulation. Export in the PIC context implies sending from an EU Member state to a third (non-EU) country

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Export administrative details
Type Origin Destination Export notification year
Substance Germany Indonesia 2014
Contents subject to PIC
Substance name EC No. CAS No. Details
Fenthion 200-231-9 55-38-9 View chemical details
Foreseen category(ies) of use

The PIC Regulation applies to a specific list of chemical substances, and to mixtures containing such chemicals at a concentration triggering labelling obligations under the CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, and to articles containing these chemicals in an unreacted form.

Where a chemical listed in Annex I to the PIC Regulation is exported, whether on its own, or in a mixture, or in an article, then there is an obligation to notify prior to the actual export.

Exporters based in an EU Member State must notify the designated national authority of the country from which the export will originate before the first yearly export takes place, as well as before the first export in each subsequent calendar year. (Hence there will be maximum one notification per exporter per year, per origin and destination country pair).

The public details of all such notifications are available in this dataset here. Details of the export notifications are published in several views, for convenience, as follows:

Export notifications

The export notifications view shows all public export notifications, giving the identity of the chemical / mixture / article exported (if public, or an alias if not public), the type of exported material (chemical / mixture / article), the origin and destination countries, the export year. Clicking on the identity shown links to more details.

These additional details will show the content(s) of the exported material subject to PIC, and the foreseen category(ies) of use. For example, in the case of a mixture if there are three constituents listed in PIC Annex I then all three will be shown.

Summary by year

This view gives an overview of export notifications made by year.

Summary by origin

This view gives an overview of export notifications made by country of origin – i.e. by EU member state.

Summary by destination

This view gives an overview of export notifications made by country of destination – i.e. by the non-EU country to which the export was made.

Summary by month

This view gives an overview of export notifications made by calendar month.