PACT - Public Activities Coordination Tool

PACT - Public Activities Coordination Tool

PACT - Public Activities Coordination Tool

The public activities coordination tool (PACT) provides an overview of the substance-specific activities that authorities are working on under REACH and the CLP Regulation. These activities are being carried out in line with ECHA’s Integrated Regulatory Strategy.

PACT provides up-to-date information on the activities planned, ongoing or completed by ECHA and/or MSCAs for a given substance in the following areas:

  • Data generation and assessment – dossier evaluation, substance evaluation, informal hazard assessment (PBT/vPvB/ED).
  • Assessment of regulatory needs (ARN).
  • Regulatory risk management – harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) , SVHC identification, recommendations for inclusion in the Authorisation List, restriction.

A summary of all the substance-specific activities can be found under ‘Details’ for each entry.

Residues (petroleum), alkylation splitter, C4-rich

A complex residuum from the distillation of streams from various refinery operations. It consists of hydrocarbons having carbon numbers in the range of C4 through C5, predominantly butane and boiling in the range of approximately -11.7°C to 27.8°C (11°F to 82°F). EC / List no: 271-010-2 CAS no: 68513-66-6
Data generation and assessment
DEv - Dossier evaluation
DEv 1
Testing Proposal
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List entry date: 12-lip-2023

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