Recommendations for inclusion in the Authorisation List

Recommendations for inclusion in the Authorisation List

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The REACH Regulation requires that ECHA recommends from the "Candidate List" priority substances for inclusion in Annex XIV (the "Authorisation List") to the European Commission, taking into account comments received from interested parties and the opinion of the Member State Committee. The European Commission finally decides, which substances will be included in Annex XIV and what the associated entries will be.

The below table includes all Candidate List substances that have been included in ECHA's draft or final recommendations for inclusion in Annex XIV. The "Status"- column indicates whether the substances have been included in a draft recommendation, recommended for inclusion or are already included in Annex XIV. Further details and documents relevant for the recommendations can be found by clicking on the "Details" next to the substances.

Substances not recommended in a given round (Status: “Not recommended in this round”) are re-assessed in subsequent rounds along with the other substances on the Candidate List. They may be included in future recommendations. Therefore, it is advisable to search the table by substance (Name/EC/CAS) to capture the most up-to-date status.

Recommendations for inclusion in the Authorisation List

4-Nonylphenol, branched and linear, ethoxylated

substances with a linear and/or branched alkyl chain with a carbon number of 9 covalently bound in position 4 to phenol, ethoxylated covering UVCB- and well-defined substances, polymers and homologues, which include any of the individual isomers and/or combinations thereof EC No.: 799-990-1 CAS No.: -
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Endocrine disrupting properties (Article 57(f) - environment)
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6th recommendation
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Date of final recommendation
Date of inclusion in Authorisation List
Draft recommendation
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Draft background document
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Prioritisation results for Candidate List substances not yet recommended
Updated prioritisation results for substances included in final recommendation
Member State Committee opinion
Comments and responses to comments
Prioritisation approach
Annex XIV entries approach
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Regulation amending Annex XIV
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Name EC / List no. CAS no. Association
Poly (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), alpha -(nonylphenyl)-omega-hydroxy-, branched 932-337-2 - Official source
Nonylphenol, branched, ethoxylated
1 - 2.5 moles ethoxylated
500-209-1 68412-54-4 Official source
4-Nonylphenol, ethoxylated
1 - 2.5 moles ethoxylated
500-045-0 26027-38-3 Official source
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated (15-EO) 931-756-8 - Official source
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated (10-EO) 931-755-2 - Official source
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated (8-EO) 931-754-7 - Official source
26-(4-Nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24- octaoxahexacosan -1-ol 604-395-6 14409-72-4 Official source
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated 500-024-6 9016-45-9 Official source
2-[2-(4-nonylphenoxy)ethoxy]ethanol 243-816-4 20427-84-3 Official source
2-[2-[2-[2-(4-nonylphenoxy)ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethanol 230-770-5 7311-27-5 Official source
20-(4-nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18-hexaoxaicosan-1-ol 248-743-1 27942-27-4 Official source
Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), α-(nonylphenyl)-ω-hydroxy-, branched 932-688-1 - Official source
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated (6,5-EO) 931-753-1 - Official source
Nonylphenolpolyglycolether 932-998-7 - Expert judgement (ECHA)
2-[4-(3,6-dimethylheptan-3-yl)phenoxy]ethanol 687-832-3 1119449-37-4 Expert judgement (ECHA)
2-{2-[4-(3,6-dimethylheptan-3-yl)phenoxy]ethoxy}ethanol 687-833-9 1119449-38-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated (polymer) 938-618-6 - Expert judgement (ECHA)
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated (EO = 4) - - Expert judgement (ECHA)
Nonylphenol, ethoxylated (10-EO) (9016-45-9) 939-993-9 - Expert judgement (ECHA)
4-Nonylphenol, branched, ethoxylated
1 - 2.5 moles ethoxylated
500-315-8 127087-87-0 Expert judgement (ECHA)
17-(4-nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15-pentaoxaheptadecan-1-ol - 34166-38-6 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Isononylphenol, ethoxylated 609-346-2 37205-87-1 Expert judgement (ECHA)
26-(nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24-octaoxahexacosan-1-ol 255-695-5 42173-90-0 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), a-(nonylphenyl)-w-hydroxy- (CAS 9016-45-9) 931-562-3 - Expert judgement (ECHA)
4-Nonylphenol, branched, ethoxylated (CAS: 127087-87-0) 932-098-4 - Expert judgement (ECHA)
4-t-Nonylphenol-diethoxylate - 156609-10-8 Expert judgement (ECHA)
3,6,9,12-Tetraoxatetradecan-1-ol, 14-(4-nonylphenoxy)- - 20636-48-0 Expert judgement (ECHA)
3,6,9,12-Tetraoxatetradecan-1-ol, 14-(4-nonylphenoxy)-, branched 293-926-1 91648-64-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
20-(isononylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18-hexaoxaicosan-1-ol 265-785-6 65455-69-8 Expert judgement (ECHA)
2-(isononylphenoxy)ethanol 284-987-5 85005-55-6 Expert judgement (ECHA)
44-(nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36,39,42-tetradecaoxatetratetracontanol 260-678-0 57321-10-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
2-(nonylphenoxy)ethanol 248-762-5 27986-36-3 Expert judgement (ECHA)
29-(nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27-nonaoxanonacosanol 248-294-1 27177-08-8 Expert judgement (ECHA)
23-(nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18,21-heptaoxatricosan-1-ol 248-293-6 27177-05-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
20-(nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18-hexaoxaicosan-1-ol 248-292-0 27177-03-3 Expert judgement (ECHA)
2-[2-(nonylphenoxy)ethoxy]ethanol 248-291-5 27176-93-8 Expert judgement (ECHA)
26-(nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24-octaoxahexacosan-1-ol 247-816-5 26571-11-9 Expert judgement (ECHA)
14-(nonylphenoxy)-3,6,9,12-tetraoxatetradecan-1-ol 247-555-7 26264-02-8 Expert judgement (ECHA)
2-(4-nonylphenoxy)ethanol - 104-35-8 Expert judgement (ECHA)
3,6,9,12,15-Pentaoxaheptadecan-1-ol, 17-(nonylphenoxy)- - 27177-01-1 Expert judgement (ECHA)
3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27-Nonaoxanonacosan-1-ol, 29-(isononylphenoxy)- - 65455-72-3 Expert judgement (ECHA)