Food Contact Regenerated Cellulose Directive - Authorised Substances

EU. Substances Authorised in Manufacture of Regenerated Cellulose Film for Use as FCM (Annex II), Directive 2007/42/EC, 30 June 2007

This list contains the substances and substance groups authorised by the EU in the manufacture of regenerated cellulose film intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. Representing Annex II of Directive 2007/42/EC, the list is divided into first and second parts, for uncoated and coated regenerated cellulose film, respectively. For some entries, the list includes functional classes, maximum and minimum limit values, and other restrictions.

Ethyl acetate

EC / List no: 205-500-4 CAS no: 141-78-6
Restrictions Qualifier(s)
In the coating, on the side in contact with foodstuffs
0.6 mg/dm2
Expressed as (4)
As the sum of all Coating: Solvents
Denominations Application Name
Coated regenerated cellulose film
Coating: Solvents
Part 2
11 The total quantity of Coating: Solvents may not exceed 0.6 mg/dm2 in the uncoated regenerated cellulose film, inclusive of the coating on the side in contact with foodstuffs.