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Dibutyltin compounds

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Regulatory context

Here you can find all of the regulations and regulatory lists in which this substance appears, according to the data available to ECHA. This substance has been found in the following regulatory activities (directly, or inheriting the regulatory context of a parent substance):

Construction Products Regulation
  • Construction Product Regulation - Annex I (3) - Hazardous Substances
    EU. Hazardous Substances for Purposes of Annex I (3) (Requirements for Construction Works), Regulation 305/2011/EU on Marketing of Construction Products, amended by Regulation 574/2014/EU, 28 May 2014

    This list contains a non-exhaustive inventory of substances taken from: (1) Table 3 of Annex VI to CLP; (2) the Candidate List of SVHCs; (3) Annex XIV of REACH (Authorisation List); (4) Annex XVII of REACH (Restrictions List); (5) F-gases subject to emission limits/reporting per Regulation 517/2014/EU; and (6) volatile organic compounds (VOCs) listed in the Ambient Air Directive 2008/50/EC. The basis of the list is Annex I(3) of the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EC, which stipulates that construction works must not have a high impact on human health or the environment as a result of: giving off toxic gas; emissions of dangerous substances, volatile organic compounds (VOC), greenhouse gases or dangerous particles into indoor or outdoor air; release of dangerous substances into drinking water, ground water, marine waters, surface waters or soil.

General Product Safety Directive
  • General Product Safety Directive - Hazardous Substances
    EU. Hazardous Substances for Purposes of General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC), 15 January 2002, amended by Reg 596/2009/EC, 18 July 2009

    This list contains a non-exhaustive inventory of substances that fall within the European Union's hazardous substance definitions, as provided on: (1) Table 3 of Annex VI to the CLP Regulation 1272/2008/EC; (2) Annex III of Directive 2000/54/EC (Biological Agents); Candidate List of SVHCs; and REACH Annexes XIV and XVII (Authorisation and Restriction lists). They can be considered hazardous for purposes of the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC.

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Substance names and other identifiers

Regulatory process names
butyltin thioester
PIC Import notification
Dibutyltin (DBT) compounds
Construction Product Regulation - Annex I (3) - Hazardous Substances, General Product Safety Directive - Hazardous Substances
Dibutyltin compounds
PIC, Other, PIC Annex I, PIC Import notification
Dibutyltin dilaurate
PIC Import notification
Dibutyltin dilaurate; Dibutyltin diacetate
PIC Import notification
Other identifiers
PIC Import notification
CAS number
2931 90 00
PIC, Other
Combined Nomenclature Code
2931 90 00
Combined Nomenclature Number
PIC Import notification
CAS number
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Group members

This entry / group of substance has the following member substances:

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Name EC / List no. CAS no. Association
Dibutyltin bis(2-ethylhexanoate) 220-481-2 2781-10-4 Official source
Dibutylbis(dodecylthio)stannane 214-688-7 1185-81-5 Official source
2,2-dibutyl-1,3,2-dioxastannolane 222-732-1 3590-59-8 Official source
1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1,3-bis[(1-oxododecyl)oxy]distannoxane 222-931-3 3669-02-1 Official source
Dibutylthioxostannane 224-220-3 4253-22-9 Official source
1,3-diacetoxy-1,1,3,3-tetrabutyldistannoxane 227-755-0 5967-09-9 Official source
Dibutyldiphenylstannane 229-256-3 6452-61-5 Official source
1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1,3-dichlorodistannoxane 233-904-0 10428-19-0 Official source
2-ethylhexyl 4,4-dibutyl-10-ethyl-7-oxo-8-oxa-3,5-dithia-4-stannatetradecanoate 234-186-1 10584-98-2 Official source
Dibutylbis(octanoyloxy)stannane 225-236-3 4731-77-5 Official source
Dibutylbis(stearoyloxy)stannane 227-438-7 5847-55-2 Official source
Dibutylbis(octadec-9(Z)-enoyloxy)stannane 236-359-7 13323-62-1 Official source
Dibutylbis(palmitoyloxy)stannane 236-360-2 13323-63-2 Official source
Dibutylbis(octadeca-9(Z),12(Z),15(Z)-trienoyloxy)stannane 306-050-2 95873-60-2 Official source
6,6-dibutyl-4,4,8,8-tetraethoxy-3,5,7,9-tetraoxa-4,8-disila-6-stannaundecane 289-337-4 87735-26-0 Official source
D 28-283
419-430-9 56533-00-7 Official source
Dibutyltin Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonate) 670-965-6 38438-11-8 Official source
Diallyldibutylstannane 239-368-4 15336-98-8 Official source
Methyl (Z,Z)-8,8-dibutyl-3,6,10-trioxo-2,7,9-trioxa-8-stannatrideca-4,11-dien-13-oate 239-594-3 15546-11-9 Official source
2-ethylhexyl 6,6-dibutyl-14-ethyl-4,8,11-trioxo-5,7,12-trioxa-6-stannaoctadeca-2,9-dienoate 239-595-9 15546-12-0 Official source
Butyl (Z,Z)-6,6-dibutyl-4,8,11-trioxo-5,7,12-trioxa-6-stannahexadeca-2,9-dienoate 239-596-4 15546-16-4 Official source
Octyl (Z,Z)-6,6-dibutyl-4,8,11-trioxo-5,7,12-trioxa-6-stannaicosa-2,9-dienoate 241-107-4 17036-31-6 Official source
Isopropyl (Z,Z)-9,9-dibutyl-2-methyl-4,7,11-trioxo-3,8,10-trioxa-9-stannatetradeca-5,12-dien-14-oate 245-061-6 22535-42-8 Official source
Dibutylbis(pentane-2,4-dionato-O,O')tin 245-152-0 22673-19-4 Official source
Dibutylbis(myristoyloxy)stannane 249-134-3 28660-67-5 Official source
Diisooctyl 4,4'-[(dibutylstannylene)bis(oxy)]bis[4-oxoisocrotonate] 246-701-7 25168-21-2 Official source
Dibutylbis[(1-oxoneodecyl)oxy]stannane 246-702-2 25168-22-3 Official source
Diisooctyl 2,2'-[(dibutylstannylene)bis(thio)]diacetate 246-703-8 25168-24-5 Official source
Dibutylbis(nonanoyloxy)stannane 247-367-5 25955-19-5 Official source
(Z,Z)-1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1,3-bis[(1-oxooctadec-9-enyl)oxy]distannoxane 267-223-5 67827-59-2 Official source
3,3'-[(dibutylstannylene)bis(thio)]bis(propane-1,2-diol) 269-561-9 68298-38-4 Official source
Silicic acid (H4SiO4), tetraethyl ester, reaction products with dibutylbis[(1-oxododecyl)oxy]stannane 274-840-3 70750-24-2 Official source
Diisotridecyl 3,3'-[(dibutylstannylene)bis(thio)]dipropionate 284-461-5 84896-44-6 Official source
Isobutyl (Z,Z)-10,10-dibutyl-2-methyl-5,8,12-trioxo-4,9,11-trioxa-10-stannapentadeca-6,13-dien-15-oate 261-812-0 59571-08-3 Official source
Dibutylbis(octadeca-9(Z),12(Z)-dienoyloxy)stannane 286-834-8 85391-79-3 Official source
1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1,3-bis[(1-oxohexadecyl)oxy]distannoxane 288-248-8 85702-57-4 Official source
Silicic acid (H4SiO4), tetraethyl ester, reaction products with bis(acetyloxy)dibutylstannane 300-344-4 93925-42-9 Official source
5,5-dibutyl-3,3,7,7-tetramethoxy-2,4,6,8-tetraoxa-3,7-disila-5-stannanonane 302-825-4 94134-56-2 Official source
(9Z,12Z,15Z)-1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1,3-bis(octadeca-9,12,15-trienoyloxy)distannoxane 305-141-4 94349-25-4 Official source
(9Z,12Z)-1,1,3,3-tetrabutyl-1,3-bis(octadeca-9,12-dienoyloxy)distannoxane 305-143-5 94349-26-5 Official source
Dibutoxydibutylstannane 222-103-1 3349-36-8 Official source
Dibutyltin maleate 201-077-5 78-04-6 Official source
2,2-dibutyldihydro-6H-1,3,2-oxathiastannin-6-one 201-079-6 78-06-8 Official source
Dibutyltin dichloride 211-670-0 683-18-1 Official source
Dibutyltin oxide 212-449-1 818-08-6 Official source
Dibutyltin di(acetate) 213-928-8 1067-33-0 Official source
Dibutyldimethoxystannane 213-935-6 1067-55-6 Official source
Dibutyltin dilaurate 201-039-8 77-58-7 Expert judgement (ECHA)