Understanding PACT

The public activities coordination tool (PACT) provides an overview of the substance-specific activities by authorities under REACH and CLP in one user-friendly table. The information in the tool is updated every 48 hours.

Inclusion in the PACT means that a Member State or ECHA is examining the substance; it does not mean that the substance has the suspected properties or that further regulatory risk management actions will be imposed before the relevant regulatory list – such as the Candidate List, the restricted substances list, or Annex VI to CLP – is updated.

PACT increases the transparency and predictability of authorities’ work leading up to the more formal REACH and CLP processes.

Early information allows stakeholders to better predict which substances may be addressed by which formal risk management routes in the future. This information also gives registrants the opportunity to update their registration data, consider the best business strategy to address substances of potential concern, and prepare for public consultations during any subsequent regulatory processes.

Anyone with data, information on safer alternatives, or other material on a substance listed in the PACT will also have more time to prepare their case for the public consultation phase of a potential formal process.