Physical, Biological and Chemical Agents & Processes and Work

EU. Non-Exhaustive List of Banned Substances, Directive 94/33/EC on Young People at Work, 20 August 1994, as amended by Dir 2014/27/EU, March 5, 2014 (Based on Table 3 of Annex VI to CLP, inter alia)

This list contains biological and chemical agents, in accordance with Art. 7 and points 2 and 3 of the Annex to Directive 94/33/EC, to which young persons (under 18 years of age) may not be exposed at the workplace. The list is a non-exhaustive inventory of such substances based on: 1) agents of risk groups 3 and 4 under Directive 2000/54/EC; 2) Table 3 of Annex VI to the CLP Regulation; 3) and Annex I of Directive 2004/37/EC.

Asbestos fibres

EC / List no: - CAS no: -
EU CLP (1272/2008)
Carc. 1A; STOT RE 1

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Name EC / List no. CAS no. Association
Asbestos, chrysotile 601-650-3 12001-29-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Asbestos, amosite 601-801-3 12172-73-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Asbestos, crocidolite 601-649-8 12001-28-4 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Asbestos, tremolite 616-473-7 77536-68-6 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Asbestos, anthophyllite 616-472-1 77536-67-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Asbestos, actinolite 616-471-6 77536-66-4 Expert judgement (ECHA)