Pranešimų apsinuodijimų biurams portalas

Several Member States and industry representatives have expressed their preference for the establishment of a centralised submission and dispatch system; the Poison Centres Notification (PCN) portal.

ECHA has conducted a feasibility study during April-September 2017 to investigate this option. The outcome of the study was to recommend the collection and dispatching of notifications via a centralised portal managed by ECHA. Following the ECHA Management Board decision in December 2017, ECHA will develop an EU portal enabling submissions from companies, dispatching of submissions to the appointed bodies (and their designated poison centres), and central storage of the submissions for auditing purposes and possible retrieval by submitters. However, Member States may opt-out and develop their own national submission systems. Since the format and requirements for the notifications have been harmonised across the EU, any submission system (be it centralised or national) must ensure that it complies with these legal requirements. The first version of the portal will be launched in Q1 2019 with an additional release foreseen for Q3 in 2019.

In April 2017, ECHA established an IT user group comprised of various stakeholders from Member States and industry to support the feasibility study. This group has reviewed and assessed functional and non-functional requirements signalled by Member States and other stakeholders to be supported by the PCN portal and prioritised IT solutions.

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