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IUCLID update brings additional checks for poison centre notifications

The upcoming service release of IUCLID includes technical checks that work like the pre-submission import check. These checks will ensure that companies using third-party software to create their notifications will follow the guidelines in chapter 3 of the IUCLID Developer’s Guide. Those companies already following the guidelines do not need to adapt their systems. To avoid any import failures, three new checks will be in place to ensure:

  1. uniqueness of the document ID in the manifest.xml
  2. i6d files are referenced from a <document> or <attachment> tag
  3. binary files under the attachments folder are referenced from an <attachment> tag.

A test version of IUCLID (v6.14.1) is now available from the IUCLID website to support the system-to-system implementation of these checks.

Several new validation checks, both enforced validation rules and quality checks, will also be included in the ECHA Submission portal starting from the April release. These new checks make sure the submitted information is reported in line with the legal text, in particular, for group submissions. The new validation checks planned to be included in the next IUCLID release can be found in the PCN Validation Rules document.

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