How to submit an enquiry about the Validation assistant

Use the ECHA contact form to submit an enquiry to ECHA for questions related to Validation assistant outcomes. Make sure you provide the following background information as it helps us to investigate your issue.

  • The validation scenario number which is displayed on the top of the Validation assistant report (for example, SC0050).
  • If available, information on whether:
    • you created the dataset and dossier in this IUCLID instance; or
    • you imported it from another IUCLID database. If this is the case, tell also if you experienced any problems or got any errors during export or import, or dossier creation.

If the Validation assistant report indicates 'This rule could not be executed', also include the following information in your enquiry as far as you can:

  • Screenshots of the Validation assistant report displaying the error and, if you are aware of the target document of the rule, screenshots of that document. Any confidential information can be blurred out, or replaced with non-confidential data. We need this information to replicate the situation.
  • All log files created at the time when the issue was recorded in the following locations:
  1. Server side: <IUCLID 6 installation folder>\glassfish4\glassfish\domains\domain1\logs
  2. Client: C:\Users\<username>\iuclid6\<IUCLID server URL>\logs
  3. Updater log files (If the IUCLID application was recently updated using the updater tool)
  4. xml file from <IUCLID 6 installation folder>\glassfish4\glassfish\domains\domain1\config

Log files under a) are stored on the computer where IUCLID 6 is installed. Log files under b) are available only for IUCLID 6 Server and are stored on the computer where IUCLID 6 client is run.