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Annex XV transitional reports for priority existing substances not finalised under Regulation 793/93 – Article 136(3) of the REACH Regulation

EU Member States have submitted Annex XV transitional reports to ECHA. These reports contain outstanding hazard and risk information and possible risk management options for so-called existing substances, developed under Regulation (EEC) No 793/93.

EU Member States were required according to article 136(3) of the REACH Regulation to submit transitional reports between 1 June and 1 December 2008 for substances for which the risk evaluation, the development of  strategy for limiting the risks or the discussions were not finalised before 1 June 2008.

Voluntary risk assessments

In 2000, industry announced that it would voluntarily assess certain copper and lead compounds according to the mechanisms of the implementation of the Council Regulation (EEC) No 793/93. The Member States and the Commission agreed on this initiative at the 11th Joint meeting of the Competent Authorities for the implementation of Directive 67/548/EEC and Council Regulation (EEC) No 793/93 in 2001.