Tvari uklonjene s popisa prethodno registriranih tvari

After consultation with the concerned pre-registrants, ECHA has removed some outdated or irrelevant pre-registration information from the REACH-IT database. Below you can find the list of invalid pre-registrations.

The information was removed for the following reasons

  1. During the pre-registration period, the pre-registrant requested the removal of its pre-registration.
  2. The pre-registered substance corresponds to an Annex IV entry and is therefore exempted from the registration obligation.
  3. The pre-registration was considered invalid based on reports issued by Member State Competent Authorities, because the pre-registrant is not lawfully established in any of the EU Member States or the pre-registrant could not be identified, because its postal address is not correct and it did not reply to any electronic or postal enquiries.
  4. Pre-registrations made by legal entities whose REACH-IT accounts were blocked and which did not reclaim the use of the account.

Legal consequences of the removal of a pre-registration

After the removal of a pre-registration, the substance will no longer be considered pre-registered by the manufacturer, importer or Only Representative. Consequently, any manufacturer or importer concerned is no longer allowed to manufacture the substance in the EU or place it on the market in volumes of one tonne or more per year without registering it first. The same applies to importers who have relied on the pre-registration of an Only Representative, where the Only Representative's pre-registration is removed.

If a manufacturer or importer wishes to continue the manufacture or placing on the market, it must submit an inquiry to ECHA for the substance and subsequently submit a registration dossier. After it has been assigned a registration number by ECHA, it may manufacture, import or place the substance on the market again.

Once a substance has been registered, the above explanations of the legal consequences of the removal of a pre-registration become irrelevant.

Advice to importers, potential registrants and downstream users

Importers, potential registrants and downstream users are advised to check whether a pre-registration they rely on is on the list of invalid pre-registrations. The pre-registration number can be obtained rom the supplier, importer or manufacturer of the substance. If a pre-registration it relies on is removed, it is advised to contact another supplier, manufacturer or importer to request whether the substance is registered by the manufacturer or importer.

In case of remaining doubts please contact ECHA by using the web form and then selecting the menu item 'Enquiry on specific submission to ECHA.