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Downstream users' notifications of non pre-registered substances

According to Article 28(5) of the REACH Regulation downstream users have the possibility to notify ECHA their interest on substances which are not on the list of pre-registered substances. Potential registrants who would like to get downstream users' contact information and Downstream users notifying ECHA have to sign up in REACH-IT before they can contact ECHA. ECHA will use the unique identifier, UUID, to authenticate any request made (for further information on how to sign-up see REACH-IT sign-up page).

Downstream users can notify ECHA their interest in substances which have not been pre-registered.

Potential registrants may obtain the contact details of downstream users interested in a particular substance. To do so they should go to the substance table and click "select" right to the relevant substance in the Obtain Contacts column.


Substances for which downstream users have notified their interest to ECHA

No substances of interest have been identified yet.