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A new customised way to prepare your poison centre notifications

Following the new release of IUCLID, users preparing their poison centre notifications (PCNs) in the dataset mode, now have a customised view which allows them to see only those fields that are relevant for them.

Now, when users choose the dataset mode to prepare their notifications, they will not see any of the IUCLID fields that are relevant only for other pieces of legislation. For example, information on the role in the supply chain would no longer be visible for PCN users, as it would not be relevant for them. 

The dataset mode uses substance and mixture-in-mixture datasets as building blocks to create a dossier for a mixture to be notified to Member States.

Additionally, users of the ECHA Submission portal can now update their notifications to expand the market area, rather than having to submit a separate notification for additional Member States. They can also keep track of related submissions in a new ‘history chart’ feature in their submission reports.

Learn more about the changes during an online tutorial at ECHA’s Safer Chemicals conference on 2 June 2020. No registration is needed.

We will also use this event as an opportunity to gather your feedback and incorporate improvements for the next IUCLID releases.