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IUCLID format changes relevant for PCN coming on 22 May 2023

The date of the new IUCLID release is approaching. ECHA plans to release the new IUCLID format on 22 May. The changes are documented on the IUCLID website.

Changes relevant for PCN are limited and are detailed in a draft documentation package available on notification format page of the ECHA’s Poison Centres website.

The relevant changes include:

  • Update of the European product categorisation system (EuPCS) categories. The changes bring new and expanded categories as well as improved product descriptions. The aim is to help notifiers accurately describe the intended uses of their hazardous mixtures. The changes are described in the EuPCS Practical Guide .
  • Removal of unused fields in the Product record (e.g. SDS, which was anyway already not visible for IUCLID users).
  • Update of the field path for the market placement.
  • Introduction of new validation rules, relevant in particular for Group Submissions. We are planning to publish the draft updated list of validation rules soon.
  • Every document (i6d files) included in the dossier (i6z file) must provide information in the following fields “documentType”, “creationDate”, and “lastModificationDate”. This is done automatically if you are using IUCLID 6, but other tools that create dossiers need to be adapted to this requirement too.

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