System-to-system service

System-to-system service toptext

The system-to-system service (S2S) is available to support industry who wish to prepare and submit a poison centre notification (PCN) dossier in a more automated way. 

Under the S2S service, a company can create a PCN dossier directly in their own systems, using the IUCLID-compatible poison centre notification (PCN) format. The PCN format and the accompanying technical documentation can be found on the Poison Centres Notification format page under Tools.

An automated S2S transfer then allows companies to submit their notifications to the ECHA Submission portal. Dossiers are then made available to all the relevant Member States.

For companies using the S2S service, it is possible to perform a connectivity and security test as well as a complete end-to-end integration scenario in test mode, without the Appointed Bodies and poison centres receiving misleading data. The full user experience allows different submission scenarios to be tested with no interference from other users and full validation checks to be done for dossiers. 

To request access to the S2S service, please refer to the S2S documentation on the ECHA website and use the ECHA contact form. Stay informed about S2S activities, maintenance breaks and news in the System-to-system group in LinkedIn.