Sistema Europeo de Clasificación de Productos

The European product categorisation system (EuPCS) is used to describe ‘the intended use of a mixture’ for which a submission has to be made according to Article 45 and Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation. Examples of intended uses include the use as an adhesive, as a decorative paint, or as a dishwashing detergent. Product categories excluded from the EuPCS are those exempted from CLP or Annex VIII obligations, such as medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products, cosmetic products, medical devices, food or feeding stuffs, gases under pressure and explosives.

The EuPCS for mixtures in the scope of Article 45 is maintained by ECHA and subject to change. Version 1.0 is currently available in English and will be made available in the official languages in 2019.

Purpose and principles of the EuPCS

As part of the Annex VIII harmonisation of information requirements for Member State appointed bodies and poison centres, a hazardous mixture must be assigned a product category by the importer or downstream user to describe its main intended use. 

The product categorisation system is also available for use by Member State appointed bodies or poison centres to facilitate reporting and monitoring of poisoning incidents at EU level. 


An EuPCS practical guide is available to assist industry with the categorisation of mixtures according to the intended use.

Requesting a change to the EuPCS

The EuPCS is a dynamic system that needs to reflect legislative changes, industry needs, as well as the requirements for poison centres and appointed bodies. To ensure that the EuPCS reflects all users’ needs, requests for changes, accompanied by supporting justification from the relevant industry or sector association, can be submitted using the ECHA contact form.

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