Know the standard information requirements

What has changed?

The harmonisation of information requirements means that the existing national requirements across the EU have been replaced by one set of information requirements and one format of data submission, the Poison Centres Notification (PCN) format.

Some information requirements may be new compared to previous obligations that applied at national level. You may need to generate new information or adjust the existing information to the PCN format.

Industry UsersSubmitter details UFI16 characters HarmonisedNew format MixturesClassification and labellingToxicological informationpH, form, physical stateMixture composition ProductsConsumer/professional/industrialPackaging type/sizeProduct categoryColour

The unique formula identifier (UFI) is a new submission requirement and a new label element that is described in detail in step 4. An example of a UFI in the correct format is YV9K-3J9A-G209-C2T7. The UFI establishes a unequivocal link between the information you provide on a mixture through the notification and the corresponding product placed on the market, which helps ensure that the appropriate emergency health response is quickly identified in the event of an incident.

The full chemical composition of the mixture will be required. That means that you must indicate the exact concentrations or concentration ranges for hazardous and non-hazardous components. This is more than the information usually present in a safety data sheet.

Toxicological information for the mixture will need to be provided. This information will need to be provided as free text, and is normally available in section 11 of a safety data sheet.

A product category must be assigned to the product based on its main intended use – for example, dishwashing detergent, adhesive, decorative paint – in accordance with the European product categorisation system (EuPCS).

All submissions must also include information identifying the submitter, the product (e.g. trade name, packaging, colour) and whether the mixture has consumer, professional or industrial uses. In addition, the information on the classification and labelling of the mixture according to the CLP Regulation needs to be provided. 

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