#UFImattersEU – social media campaign

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Here you can find basic information how to plan, organise, coordinate and run social media activities around the #UFImattersEU campaign.

The campaign will contain two promotional waves to:

1. raise awareness; and

2. spread the word through a social media challenge.

Target audience: parents of small children

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The following supporters have already joined the campaign:

International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E), the European consumer voice in standardisation (ANEC), the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), CLP HelpDesk, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance of the Republic of Cyprus

Help us reach more parents around Europe - join us to spread the word!

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UFI story and key messages


Accidents involving everyday chemical products can happen at any time and any place – especially if you have small children. In case of such an accident, seek immediate medical advice by contacting your local poison centre or in some cases your doctor. Did you know that more than half of calls to European poison centres concern children?

On product labels, you will gradually find a 16-character UFI code (unique formula identifier) – you will be asked for this when you seek medical advice. The UFI code helps poison centres identify the product and its ingredients quicker so that you can get accurate advice faster.

The UFI code is already on the labels of many products - for example many cleaning products, paints, adhesives, and fertilisers. They can harm your health if they are not used correctly. By 2025, all of these products will have the UFI code – to help keep European citizens safe.

So be prepared! Check if the products you have at home already have the UFI code. Save the telephone number of your poison centre or doctor on your mobile. And remember, the best way to avoid accidents is to keep these products out of your children’s reach and follow the instructions for safe use.

Key messages

  • Use the UFI code to get faster medical advice if you have an accident involving everyday chemical products.
  • The UFI is a 16-character code that you can find on everyday chemical products that may harm your health if not used correctly.