Egyedi formulaazonosító

UFI Generator

Generating a Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) and printing or affixing it on the product label is an industry obligation. In order to create a UFI, you will need your company’s VAT number (or company key in specific cases) and a mixture specific formulation number. Entering this information into the UFI Generator, will generate your unique UFI code. The tool allows singular or bulk generation of UFIs and is available in all EU languages.

For efficiency purposes, in particular if you are managing a large number of formulations, you may want to integrate the UFI Generator into your company’s internal IT system. This would allow a more automated approach to the bulk creation of UFIs. The UFI Developers Manual below will guide you through this process.

Webinar on the UFI

These webinar presentations explain what the unique formula identifier (UFI) is and how it can be used. They also describe available tools and support for generating and using the UFI for hazardous and non-hazardous mixtures. In addition, they give you practical examples of different ways for using the UFI.

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