Guidance on the interpretation and application of the new Annex to the CLP Regulation is currently under preparation.

The first draft was finalised in February and ECHA has launched in early March the formal consultation with its partners, namely the Partner Experts Group, the Forum and the Competent Authorities and Commission. The final Guidance is expected to be published by the end of the year, but the whole process can be followed via the Consultation Procedure webpage (where the drafts at each step of the consultation are published).

The draft document was drafted by ECHA with the support of a dedicated Working Group comprised of various stakeholders, who assisted ECHA in defining the scope and identifying the needs for Guidance and providing input for the drafting according to expertise and interest. The group supported the clarification of the interpretation of the requirements of the legal text, proposed improvements in the structure of the document, provided input for or review the content of the different sections, discuss and conclude on open issues

Additional training material will be designed and developed according to identified needs. ECHA welcomes Member States and industry needs and will consider them when developing the material. 

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