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A mixture is a mix or solution of two or more substances. Under the EU chemicals legislation, mixtures are not considered substances.

Diagram whichpresents the making of a mixture
When chemical compounds A and B are put together and do not react, this is not a substance but a mixture.

Mixtures can be:

  • shampoos and soaps,
  • other cosmetics,
  • detergents, and
  • paints.

If you are importing a mixture, you need to register each individual substance in your mixture when you import the respective substance at one tonne or more per year, unless an exemption applies.

If you are a formulator who mixes the individual substances to produce the mixture, you do not need to register each substance under REACH unless you are also manufacturing or importing the individual substances contained in the mixture.


You may use substances to produce things that have a special shape, surface or design. When the special shape, surface or design determines the function to a greater degree than the chemical composition, these are called articles under the legislation.

A diagram presentng the making of an article

Chemical compounds A and B are put together and to produce an article.

Articles can be:

  • bicycles,
  • guitars,
  • batteries,
  • T-shirts, and
  • CDs.

If you are producing or importing an article, you need to register each individual substance in an article:

  • if the substance is present in the article in quantities of over one tonne per year; and
  • if the substance is intended to be released under normal conditions of use, for example a t-shirt containing a fragrance.

If the substance in your article has already been registered for the same use, you do not need to register it as well.