SPC - Summary of the biocidal product characteristics

In 2014, an online application called SPC Editor was prepared by ECHA to allow industry and authority users to create and work on SPC for single products and product families.

Since February 2024, the SPC Editor was discontinued and replaced with SPC in IUCLID. After this users must use IUCLID to prepare their SPCs.

How to prepare your SPC

How to submit your SPC

SPC in IUCLID transition: known issues and best practice

Following the launch of SPC IUCLID in February 2024, ECHA has been collecting feedback on issues that require clarification.

The document below lists these issues, while providing potential solutions or additional explanations where necessary. 

Consult this document if you experience issues with the preparation or amendment of SPC in IUCLID. It is intended for both for industry and authority users.

The document will be continuously updated as new issues or best practice are identified. Additionally, its content will gradually be incorporated into supporting materials such as the IUCLID submission manual and ECHA support Q&As.