System-to-system submission service

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ECHA’s system-to-system (S2S) submission service is available for companies that want to use their own IT systems to submit regulatory information.

The service opens a public ‘application programming interface’ (API) to ECHA’s submission module. Companies, software developers and providers can use the latest version of the API to build or adopt an IT solution that integrates their IT systems with ECHA’s submission systems, such as the ECHA Submission portal or REACH-IT.

Once companies have integrated their IT systems with the S2S submission service, they can automate the submission of their dossiers, and even submit in bulk. Using their own IT systems, companies can also integrate other databases, such as IUCLID, to create IUCLID dossiers. It is recommended to use the latest version of the legislative formats. 

For more information on how to prepare dossiers in this way, check the IUCLID Developers’ Guide and specific regulatory formats/technical documentation. 

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How to start using the S2S submission service

If you want to use the S2S submission service, you must:

  • read and accept the Terms and Conditions of ECHA submission portal;
  • familiarise yourself with ECHA’s S2S submission service manual;
  • request access through ECHA’s contact form;
  • develop the necessary software to use the Submission API and periodically update it to use the most recent version of the Submission API and IUCLID format; 
  • enable and configure S2S keys provided by ECHA, which authenticate the legal entity owner of the submissions. 

The following regulatory formats are XML-based (XML schema definition files), compatible with IUCLID, and updated annually in line with the IUCLID release schedule. 


C&L notifications

The classification and labelling (C&L) notification format structures information on the classification and labelling of substances in line with the relevant provisions of the CLP Regulation.

  • Version 3.0 of C&L format [ZIP]
    • This information package includes:
      • XSD and word files for the format elements
      • List of picklist values in Excel format. This list contains valid phrases that can be used in the IUCLID format with the exception of 'non-selectable' ones which are used, for display purposes, in hierarchical phrase groups.
      • C&L notification data model shows all relevant fields and their interconnections.
    • Version 1.0 of C&L format [ZIP]
  • C&L validation rules
Poison centre notifications